Tonight I made some Pizza Steaks for the family! This video is also part of a collaboration for #CookingAgainstCancer2020

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– Shaved steak: We have 12oz packages – each of these will make 2 cheesesteaks
– Cheese: In this video we are using provolone, however, some like mozzerella
– Sauce: We’re using marinara in this video, however, you can substitute for pizza sauce
– Salt and Pepper to taste
– Optionally: Peppers/Onions

– Brown the shaved steak on the griddle, being careful not to dry out and overcook
– Mix in the sauce
– Make roll-length piles of meat/sauce mix
– Layer on the cheese – be generous!
– Place the rolls on top of the piles like little tents
– After the cheese melts, scoop up the entire sandwich with your spatula and flip it over on to a plate!
– Enjoy!