We smoked up some beautiful baby back ribs today that were sent to us from Rastelli’s. It was an easy cook on my Char-Griller Gravity 980!

#TeamCharGriller #Gravity980 #Ribs

– Baby back ribs
– Your favorite rub
– 1 Stick of butter
– Honey
– 1/4 cup brown sugar
– Spray bottle: 1 part apple juice, 1 part water

– Unwrap your ribs, pat dry and apply your favorite rub
– Heat grill/smoker to 275F
– Place ribs meat side up on grill – leave for 1hr
– Check and spray your ribs to keep moist – leave for 45 mins to 1hr
– Check your ribs – if the color looks good, wrap!
– To wrap: Lay out aluminum foil, place down some pads of butter, honey and brown sugar
– Place ribs meat side down on foil and wrap loosely being careful not to tear the aluminum foil
– Return wrapped ribs to grill/smoker and let cook another 45 mins to 1hr until it probes tender
– Unwrap ribs, leave on grill/smoker another 5-15 minutes to tacky up
– Remove from heat – let rest about 10 minutes
– Slice ribs and enjoy with a friend!