We made some easy country style ribs (boneless pork loin) on the Char-Griller Gravity Fed 980 and they were pretty tasty!

– Boneless pork loin country style ribs
– Seasoning (We used Uncle Steve’s Shake ‘pig shake’)
– BBQ sauce
– Apple juice
– Brown sugar

Directions (Updated with my after-cook suggestions):
– Cover your ribs with your favorite seasoning
– Heat up grill to 275F – optionally add some wood for flavor
– Cook ribs directly on grate for 1 hour
– Mix up about a cup of bbq sauce, cup of apple juice and half cup of brown sugar in a pan and heat up for 10 mins on grill
– Place ribs in heated mixture, cover and return to grill for 2 hours
– When ribs are close to 200F remove from pan and return to grill until 205F
– Remove and enjoy!