Part of home ownership (if you own a pool) is how to backwash your pool every week or so.

You want to keep an eye on the PSI gauge on your filter and know your various limits/levels.  For instance, the pool in this video reads around 20psi when it’s clean, so I like to backwash it when it’s reading 30psi or higher which is usually about once/week during the summer.

I’ll list out the steps here, then you can also watch the video below to see for yourself.

Backwashing DE pool steps

  1. Remove skimmer baskets so we are not restricting flow to the pump at all
  2. Roll out your backwash hose completely
  3. Turn OFF pump
  4. Open backwash valve
  5. Turn ON pump
  6. Watch the awesome dirty water come out
  7. Wait about a minute or minute and a half.. longer if it still looks dirty.
  8. Turn OFF pump
  9. Close the backwash valve
  10. Turn ON pump
  11. Go to the skimmer closest to the pump
  12. Dump in your DE to the skimmer slowly so you don’t clog things up (look below video for the correct amount)
  13. Replace skimmer baskets
  14. SWIM!

Here is a video to help you along.  I forgot to film the part about removing the baskets, sorry :/

How much DE powder to add after backwashing?

This depends on how many Square feet your filter is.  Use the table below:

  • 24 Square Ft –> 3 scoops
  • 36 Square Ft –> 4.5 scoops
  • 48 Square Ft –> 6 scoops
  • 60 Square Ft –> 7.5 scoops